Is This Where We Are Going?

July 9, 2012

Middle East, Pakistan

WRITTEN BY: Syed Muhammad Modassar Shahid


According to Karl Marx, the founder of communism, due to the clash of classes, society came into existence. To him the formation society and the state are just to secure the identity of BOURGEOISIE class and only for the humiliation and subjugation of the peasant or PROLETARIAT class. To the founder of communism, society is the mixture of only two classes, the major one in authority and minor in number is the aristocratic, imperial or the bourgeoisie class, while the minor in all status and major in number and quality is the working labor class or the proletariat class.

This division also present in the Pakistani society, the heads /peoples who are just using the decision making and direction giving power and privileges are very few, but at the same time the persons, whom the direction have to be given and those who have to follow and obey all orders are countless in contrast to the former direction givers. From top to toe this threat and victimization is present but here the main victims are not only the proletariat class but none other than MIDDLE-CLASS itself.

How this new class established???? For getting an answer we have to move towards history. This class is not a new class but the features of this class are quite different from all other classes around. The middle class is the outcome of working / labor / peasant and the proletariat class. The middle class rises up by acquiring education. Thus as they are educated they are also working for the betterment of the state and society.


The maltreatment of this class  is spoiling both the creativity and progress of the society . The main targets are the students unfortunately, especially the students of public institutions or those granted admission to government-oriented educational organizations, particularly  those who are college going and get themselves admitted into the state owned educational campuses just after completion of metric.


There are several shades and flavors of debarring and depriving features for a college student, some of them are as:

Lack of merit.

Transfer from one College to another.

Governmental Establishment.

College Administration.

Lace Cutting Culture.

Political Influences.

Principals’ one man show.

Teacher Autocracy.

Governmental Lethargy.

Lack of Coordination.

Mental Level.

Student Dependence.

Students’ Bhaigeeri.


Standard Gap.

Inferiority Complex.

Racial Discrimination.

Class Deprivation.

Private Institutions.

Lack of Professionalism.



Deficiency in Curriculum Plan.

Reference Custom.

State Sleeping Attitude.

Under Table Money.

Red Carpetism.

Student-Teacher Relations.

Duality of the State.


And many, many more…………………………..


In Pakistan about 46% peoples are categorized in the student class. The state of Pakistan takes the responsibility of only 23% where the other remaining 23% go nobody knows. As the state is just taking the responsibility foronly 23% students but due to several reasons, the number and percentage is going towards the diminishing level of 15%.


The student who remains concerned with book and pen are very few, and those who get admission in the governmental institutes can be counted on the pores of the palm. There it is essential to describe why and how this BOOK AND PEN LEAVING CULTURE is leaving and GUN AND PEG PICKING CUSTOM is flourishing.

According observation and thorough study of mine, the teachers of the governmental institutes are playing a dominant role and they also have a lions’ share in the instability and lawlessness in the society. Almost every teacher from lecturer to professor is running his own private institutes, termed as COACHING CENTER(S), during the official college teaching timings they show their pedantries there-punctually, attentively, and much more effectively, where they teach the subject with the guarantee “A” and “A-1” grades or “First Division” and if the purpose and perspective is not achieved, then money back policy and assurance is also assured.


Due to the operation of these centers, a large number of students have left their education who wish to continue, and feel compelled to have themselves enrolled in these teacher recommended and owned coaching centers. To me, this appears to be a trick to trap the progressing middle class. The privileged class is frightened. It’s important to note down here that it’s the strategy of the ruling class to shake the middle class from all the directions- Morally, Ethically, Linguistically, Educationally, Socially, Economically, Sociologically and Psychologically.

These so called private educational institutions or in other words the milking cows charge a huge lump sum amount that a person who belongs to middle class cannot be able to afford, but for the sake of a bright educational future many students and  parents of students take out enormous loans. The majority of these sort of institutes are located in the posh areas of the city and that is how there is risks of wastage of time, threat of life and none other than danger of bad company and misconducts. The environments of these centers are also not according to social and ethical norms. It is recommended that we initiate the “Stop Privatization Campaign” as well as create a sense of liability and responsibility among government-employed teachers. By this we can be able to curtail and cure the worst phase of education.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  – Mr. Nelson Mandela




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