Unnecessary Restrictions

July 9, 2012

Middle East, Pakistan

DRAFTED BY: Syed Muhammed Modassar Shahid

Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.

Unnecessary restriction means that there are many avoidable and un- needed less obstacles faced by many in society, hampering the livelihood and creativity, seizing of useful work or thoughtfulness.




Men shut their doors against a setting sun.

For the purpose of simplicity, we will have to divide the factors in to two categories: The one is primary or the main aspect of unnecessary restriction, and the later is the secondary or derived form of avoidable restriction.

Creative imagination is the core of happiness.

An individual is the moral and ethical unit of society. He is the main victim as well as the executioner of the restriction.

What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs, what love is to the heart,

What liberty is to the soul of the man.

A person’s extreme emotion, temperament, like, dislike, love, hate, fear, enthusiasm, honor, and thinking can be the cause behind his / her failing life style. The parents bring up their child with great and gentle care and affection, but this is the rule of nature that after the maturity of their off springs, their off springs also wants to take over the world as their parents have done. But due several reasons perhaps or due to a communication gap they both thought that only they are in the right. To me, these are main, major, primary, primitive and prominent form of restrictions.



Real freedom is of the mind and spirit; it can never come to us from outside.

Now I am coming towards secondary abuses. They are countless, but some among them are very apparent.

Society then solicitude is worst but man to man is the greatest curse.

Society is a mixture of several sorts of peoples and classes but elite or ruling class and the proletarians or the subjugating classes are the two vital and distinct version of this. People who belong to middle class are also categorized in the subjugating and dominated proletarian class.

This class system is the main mark and one of the most vital form of restriction or sanctions that impede the person capabilities and abilities of doing.

Poverty is also one of the main factors that came across and creates hinders to the aptitude of a person. In our society, the elite are enjoying much more privileges then common man. This dilemma is all around, and the main victims are students.

Riches are the parent of eternal care.

Self finance schemes as well as the quota system are also one of the main depriving features of this aspect.

Poverty is the mother of all crimes.

Gender as well as the sexual discrimination is one of the leading factors that hinders creativity. Still in this sophisticated era, our so called professional universities and institutes as well as some enlightened moderated multinational companies and corporations  select  individuals according to gender. For example, sometimes females are encouraged to apply to certain jobs within a distinct field. The terms male oriented and female oriented are common in the market these days.

Religion hides many mischiefs from suspicions.

Last but not the least: religion, beliefs as well as political influence can dominate the creativity of an individual’s capabilities.



Some falsehoods mingled with the truth.

If you go through the history the popes of Rome, the priests of Italy and the clergies of turkey as well as the contractors and so-called religious lords of the sub-continent, they have all used the name of the religions of peace for their own selfish motives, through manipulation of innocent and unknowing minds.

Life’s battles do not always go to the strongest or fastest but the man who wins is the man who thinks that he can.

It is therefore up to the person,  how they grow and overcome the obstacles, because sometimes restrictions provide what no other thing can, motivation and will.


Translation of Poetic Verses in Urdu


I dream, I tie, I planned and then I quiet
I am afraid what will happen, and what is not going to be done.




I have never seen a Dualistic like,
One who bears Exploitation but neither and never Rise the voice of Rebel.


I am far from Religion, I am at liberty, I am Independent
No Paradox, Nor any of the Orthodox is allowed to come and mess with me.




It’s the glory of the Judge, due to him
the name of wine, bartender, addict and peg is in glory.




Those who are willing to touch the highest steeple,
firstly all have to face difficulties.




Its all the Pride of yours that you have shut the candles but,
I know how to turn the nights in to the shiny sunny beginning of the dawn.


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