Conflict Transformation Workshop: Apply by March 27th!

March 5, 2013


About the Workshop:

The Voice For Human Rights Conflict Transformation Workshop is designed for a mixture of individuals including but not limited to: practitioners, grassroots leaders, active community members , religious community leaders, students and educators a wide range of backgrounds, sector of society and communities.

The workshop hopes to help participants explore the concept of conflict and how this understanding, vigorous analysis and strategic planning can help communities transform a violent, debilitating conflict through the process of conflict transformation helping to create sustainable peace. Further, understanding that the process of conflict transformation and even further peace work is never a single-track, single-level phenomenon as even communal conflict is inevitably immersed in a larger system that is complex in nature, with many diverse actors, processes and agendas.  In order to comprehend the tools and processes for conflict transformation and the ways in which it might prove appropriate to utilize them, there must be a fundamental understanding of the concept of conflict, peace, and naturally conflict transformation. Thus, this is what this training aims to do; begin by introducing and discussing the definitions and complex dynamics of conflict and contributory factors, critically analyzing the notion of peace and eventually making our way towards exploring processes, practices and tools. Participants will utilize the knowledge and tools in a number of ways. Throughout the course, there will be a training-long conflict mapping exercise in which we will analyze a real world community conflict case study. To further facilitate learning and to provide a medium of consistent practice, participants will be engaging in a number of role-play exercises as well as online conflict transformation and peacebuilding simulations.

This conflict transformation workshop focuses on skills, but we hope that by conclusion of this training these tools and strategies will be understood to have emerged out of a deeper foundation and continue to function in an extremely complex system. We hope participants will be able to understand that conflict transformation efforts are not an simple or easy process but rather require continued sustained efforts over a long period of time. Conflict transformation does not occur at one time or one-level, it is a process. Ultimately this workshop hopes to only introduce participants to conflict analysis and transformation but to guide them in understanding their role in this process and how these can be utilize the material and skills they have learned to contribute to building sustainable peace in their communities.

Application Form: VFHR Conflict Transformation Workshop Application2013

Workshop Syllabus/Schedule: Voice For Human Rights Workshop Syllabus

Applications DUE: March 27th

Workshop begins: April 5th



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