About Us

Voice For Human Rights began as a local project in California, but has since expanded across borders and is now a global collective of over a dozen volunteers who seek to work with and educate their respective communities on primarily, but not exclusively, the topics of human rights, conflict transformation and peace.


Our work focuses on education, awareness, collaboration and dialogue. We seek to expand knowledge and awareness by providing valuable resources on human rights, conflict and peace. Such resources may include documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for those seeking an understanding of basic human rights principles and several human rights and conflict transformation guidebooks and manuals are also available, provided mainly as resources for community practioners. Further, through the Institute for Conflict and Peace Education, Voice For Human Rights has expanded its education platform to include seasonal workshops that focus on selected topics within the field of human rights, conflict and peace. These workshops are developed to provide a forum for conceptual and skills-based learning, dialogue and reflection with participants from numerous fields, backgrounds and cultures.  Voice For Human Rights members continue to work in their communities and through international networks to work towards creating environments and systems that promote human rights, conflict transformation and sustainable peace. Our members consistently work to create dialogue around a number of issues varying from human rights to conflict resolution and transformation in an effort to not only educate but also to facilitate a paradigm shift in the way we conceptualize human rights, conflict and peace. Voice For Human Rights hopes to continue its efforts to promote sustainable peace through collaboration with local, international and epistemic communities, local and international organizations and educational institutions.


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