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Volunteer Opportunities at Voice For Human Rights

Voice For Human Rights was created as a local project, it now covers worldwide stories with readers and journalists all over the world. We are a voluntary organization run primarily by citizen journalists and volunteers. We consider ourselves a hybrid citizen-media organization that combines the work of both professional journalists and citizen correspondents. At present, all journalists, editors and researchers are voluntary participants, our contributors participate simply because they want to help the cause. Our work focuses on exposing stories of human rights injustices and abuse to the public. The stories we publish are largely uncovered by mainstream media, so we therefore provide a voice for individuals that would otherwise not have one. We also seek to provide resources to readers so that they may take action on various issues.We ultimately want to incite action in the worldwide community on behalf of human rights. We strongly believe in the power of the individual and the difference they can make!

The work of the organization is expanding quite quickly and we currently have many opportunities for volunteers in a variety of positions! There are many different ways in which a volunteer can contribute from writing and research to social media administration and web design.

If you are interested in joining the team at Voice For Human Rights check out the opportunities below, and we would be happy to hear from you!

To volunteer for a position email us at!

Citizen- Journalism Team

Join our team of citizen journalists and correspondents! If you are an aspiring journalist this position is for you!

  • Citizen Journalist : We are currently in the process of expanding our citizen journalism team, we are looking for passionate writers who are interested in writing  and researching stories about a variety of human rights issues. Interested writers would submit a story idea to the editorial team, if approved the story would be published to the site upon completion. The writer will be given credit as the contributor of the story. Individuals who are unable to write a story may also choose to provide story ideas and resources to the editorial team in which case our writers would produce the approved story.
  • Citizen Correspondent : Citizen correspondents function as community reporters. Correspondents attend local events relevant to human rights and report on them on behalf of Voice For Human Rights. Correspondents simply submit information on the upcoming event to the editing team, which then approves the story and helps the correspondent prepare for the event.

Research and Investigation Team

  • Investigative Correspondent : Our researchers have the freedom to investigate any given topic that relates to human rights. The researcher gathers as much information and resources on a particular topic or event and submit them to the editing team. At Voice For Human Rights researchers serve an integral function in the organization. Volunteer researchers also have the option of what we call info-mining, which in its simplest form is the detection of untold stories of human rights abuse.

Social Media Administration Team

  • Social Media Administrator : This team is very important for our organization, social media is one of the main ways we interact with the public on the discourse of human rights. Social Media Administrators represent the organization on social media outlets, communicating and interacting with the public on behalf of Voice For Human Rights. An administrator may choose which social media outlet they wish to administer. An administrator regulates and create discussions, regularly submits commentary on other organizations postings, posts relevant links on our social media pages as well as many other tasks. Individuals with strong networking skills, this position is for you!

Administrative Editing Team

  • Editor : Editors serve at the core of the organization performing a variety of tasks. The Editing Team review project ideas submitted by contributors and approve stories for publishing. The editing team does tasks from brainstorms on story ideas to managing the development of the site, and promoting the organization. Editors review each story submitted for errors and resource citing and prepare it for publication. Editors work with the Editor-In-Chief in running the site and brainstorming development projects. If you want to be at the center of the action, this is for you!

Graphic Design Team

  • Webmaster : We are currently looking for creative individuals interested in graphic design and website development! The graphic design team creates the website layout and design and brainstorms website development projects. The team  may also be asked to work on designing a creative new logo for the organization!
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