Toolkits and Guides

The Mobile Media Toolkit present the tools and techniques that will enable reporters and citizen journalists to create content on their mobile phones. This is for anyone who wants to report news and information with their mobile phone. Being able to report on a mobile phone gives a journalist very specific advantages:

  • Mobiles phones are always with you. Knowing how to capture multimedia on your phone will enable you to capture breaking news and information at a moment’s notice.
  • Mobiles are portable and unobtrusive recording devices, and can be used in places where camera crews are banned.

Learn how to capture quality audio and video on your mobile phone



Activists, rights defenders, and journalists use mobile devices and communications for reporting, organizing, mobilizing, and documenting.  Mobiles provide countless benefits — relatively low cost, increased efficiencies, vast reach — but they also present specific risks to rights defenders and activists. Use this guide to protect yourself against mobile security threats.



College students play a major role in the activist network. We continue to see students organizing student led demonstrations and talks on issues of contention. This Activist Toolkit by PIRG provides any student with the basic tools and strategies necessary to run strong campaigns and initiate local projects.



Inspired by the life of Dan Eldon, a young Reuters photojournalist killed in Somalia in 1993, Creative Visions Foundation ignites the creative spark within all of us to make a positive difference. CVF provides tools and resources to help everyone use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world.

Check out their activist toolkits!



This toolkit was inspired by the workshops held in Asia and Africa for the partners and members of the Violence is not our Culture (VNC) campaign. This toolkit is for human rights activists who are keen to develop their online activism and want to know where and how to to start.




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