Speak Up For Human Rights: The Documentary


The aims of the project:

After corresponding with the Initiative Middle and Eastern Europe  for the Speak Up for Human Rights! New Media! campaign, independent film makers Johannes Franke and Sebastion Hasse decided to form a documentary team to follow the project. The documentary follows a human rights seminar uniting 30 young adults from Germany, Ukraine and Belarus for three one-week seminars, in which they discuss the state of human rights in general and in their countries. During this time participants learn about the past and current state of human rights, and importantly how they can help advocate for those rights. All the participants come from very different political and social backgrounds, and it is hoped through the project that the participants will not only learn from one another but find a way to unite in the struggle and fight for human rights.

At the end of the project, Johannes and Sebastian plan to release a 30-45 minute documentary which chronicles the project and portrays diverse group of participants, their interests, goals and their lives in Central and Eastern Europe, and the limitations they must face.

The film intents to follow the project and its participants; How do they see their joint future, what are their desires, hopes and visions for their countries? What kind of external powers are they facing in their daily struggle to maintain their grounds and their human rights? And how do they relate to each other?

The filmmakers hope to create a very informative and innovative documentary that will be available to many around the world. However, these efforts are costly and the crew need every penny they can get to contribute to the project. To find out more about the project or to donate select the following link:

To meet other fans and supporters of this project visit their facebook page. Take part in the development of this film.


Who are the filmmakers:

Sebastian Hasse studied computer science and drama. He ended up in the film business over producing interactive DVDs. While he works as an computer scientist half of the time, he devotes the rest of his time to making film projects. Among others he produces the intercultural web-comedy-series „Points Of You“: In the board of the non-profit organisation “Kunstwandel e.V.i.G.” he engages in the support of the free filmmakers and art scene in Berlin:

Johannes Franke is cameraman, cutter, and director as well as an actor, which makes him a film maker all through. His most recent movie EWE successfully ran at the “up-and-coming” film festival in Hanover and at the „Youki“ in Wels (Austria). In the past years he mostly worked on documentaries such as a short documentary on a gestures singing workshop for deaf children with Rolf Zuckowski and a long-playing documentary on the generation of “young entrepreneurs”. More information on his work as a filmmaker on: – and on his work as an actor on:

Lara Sielmann studies Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism. She is working as a freelance journalist, production manager and as assistant for miscellaneous cultural projects such as: litradio, Edition Pächterhaus,100 Wort!, documentary “Gründerbus” and is the co-editor of Landpartie 2010, Kein Katalog.

They are lent support by Sophia Gross (second camera in Ukraine and camera assistance and Elisabeth Wolf (second camera in Germany).

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