Ashly Bloxon is a University of California Riverside student, human rights activist and the founder of Voice For Human Rights. Ashly is a member of numerous forums and organizations advocating human rights including, World Pulse, CAAGLOP, Humanium, All of Us or None and Student Justice Alliance. Ashly has researched and written several reports and articles and has spoken at a number of workshops on the issue of human rights. Along with serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Voice For Human Rights, Ashly is also currently writing for Umari Ayim’s magazine focusing on women empowerment and women rights. Ashly is also a reporter for Black Voice News, a local media organization.


Umari Ayim is a lawyer, award winning author, blogger and poet who is passionate about women activism. She grew up and is based in Nigeria. Umari is passionate about the using the internet as a means of pursuing one of the UN MDGs concerning women rights. She is a member of a Pan African group W30 (Women Under 30) that seeks to liberate the young African female from oppression and discrimination while celebrating those who have managed to accomplish laudable feats in their communities. Learn more about Umari on


Anna Malinovskaya is a student at Mount Holyoke College studying economics and public policy. Ana is also a Girls20 Summit Ambassador in Russia. Anna’s first experience with human rights issues was a volunteering position at the High Commissioner for Human Rights Office in Moscow where she translated into English reports about human rights abuses in Russia. It was a transformative experience for Anna that motivated her to look for a more fulfilling activity so that she could not just translate but research human rights violations and make them known to public. This ultimately lead Anna to become involved with the Voice for Human Rights.


Yossa Immaculate Daisy is from Uganda, East Africa. She is a Development worker by profession. Yosa juggles a range of occupations from teaching college students to consultancy work.Yossa is a founder of a local community based Organisation called Women for Progress (WOP), an organization that seeks to empower local women through capacity building, skills development, mentorship and building networks. Yossa has taught numerous classes and has facilitated several trainings and discussions on the issue of gender and development. Through World Pulse- another informative and educative social media, Yossa learned about Voice For Human Rights. “Being part of this team creates an avenue and forum through which human rights issues are highlighted as they occur in our respective communities in different parts of the world”—Yossa Immaculate Daisy.

Laura Golakeh is from Liberia. Laura is presently a reporter on women issues and is the Gender Cordinator at the Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, a youth oriented NGO. Since discovering Voice For Human Rights through an organization named World Pulse, Laura has continued to advocate on behalf on human rights. Her goal is to ensure that the world is a safe place for all and that we all will no longer have to refer to certain group of people as vulnerable. Laura envisions a world where every child is safe and educated and where women are empowered.

Muhammad Atif Yaqub is from Pakistan. He is  a final year student of Electrical (computer system) Engineering in Comsats University Pakistan. Atif became involved with Voice For  Human Rights after discovering it through an organization known as World Pulse. He seeks to advocate for human rights by doing research on the social issues around him and by highlighting these issues on a platform provided by Voice For Human Rights. Beside being  an Electrical engineer, Atif is also a spiritual healer and a student of spiritual knowledge. He continues to help individuals in his community by providing  them useful solutions and spiritual knowledge. Atif wishes to make a substantial contribution to society through advocacy work and to work towards creating a world of peace  and harmony.


Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna is a passionate journalist and freelance writer. Tina first began her work under the tutelage of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria in 2009. She has since done work at several news agencies including the Nigerian Television Authority and Channels Television. Tina has also done work with Flourish Television as a field reporter and production assistant. In 2010, she joined Tenacle News Magazine as a freelance writer and metro reporter. Tina is currently a freelance writer for Federal Radio Corporation and CNN iReport as well as a contributor at Voice For Human Rights.


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